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Writer and coder; lives on Vashon, a small forest moon orbiting the planet Seattle.

What’s a “Barking Lassie?”

A Barking Lassie is something that says very, very little, while all the meaningful information depends on context. So on the TV show, Lassie barks madly at Timmy, who then says, “You say Mr. Jones fell into the old mine … Continue reading

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iPhone exclusivity with ATT an error? Don’t think so.

The article Verizon iPhone second glance: exclusivity farce a fireable offense? suggests that having ATT as the only US cell service provider allowed to sell iPhone for so long was a mistake. Meh. Not only did ATT sign up with … Continue reading

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Still networking socially by swapping real, physical business cards? Really?

Here we are, on the verge of the year 2011. We’re still handing each other little 2 x 3 inch bits of cardboard, plastic, bacon, silicon wafer, teak, bamboo…we obviously haven’t nailed down a “business card” protocol that everyone uses … Continue reading

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Make Copies Moot

In an analog world, creative content such as newspapers, magazines, television shows, movies, music, plays, books, designs, and even software, were well anchored and therefore grounded. By anchored, I mean content was attached to, or based on, a particular physical … Continue reading

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Anticipate Malware

I don’t like to use antiviral tools to recover from malware infections. I use a different approach. If I have to scrub a boot drive for malware, instead of restore the drive from a backup, I would reboot using an … Continue reading

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Automated Driving: Jaw-dropping Safety, Speed & Efficiency

The vast majority of drivers everywhere in the world do not try to maximize their mileage. Their choice of vehicle, how and when they drive, why they get in a vehicle, none of that is designed around using the least … Continue reading

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